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"Airborne Dragons" episode 9


Synopsis and scenes of TV anime "Airborne Dragons" episode 9 "Kamaburi and Ryu cutlet" broadcast on Fuji TV "+ Ultra" from March 4 have been released.

The dismantling of the large dragon has begun. Close to that, the people of Quorn are going to cook in total. The festivities of the people who are good at cooking sound as the planned festival is cancelled, and the ingredients we have prepared for the festival can be used abundantly. “Kama-ni”, a local dish of Quorn, has an atmosphere that resembles a slight dish-off, as each family has a special taste. But that fun time doesn't last forever. The morning of returning home, the time has come for the Queen Zaza to rise again to the sky. At that time, Jiro ...

■ What is the TV anime "Airborne Dragons" The
original is a comic of the same name by Takuma Kuwahara. The director is Naohiro Yoshida "Tady", the composition and script of the series is Makoto Uesu, the animation character design is Kyoko Kotani, the music is Katsu Yokoyama, and the animation production is Polygon Pictures.

Dragon of the sky, Dragon. Its existence was a threat and disaster for many terrestrial people, and at the same time a "treasure mountain" worthy of medicine, oil and food. There was a hunter for the dragon. Control a dragon boat, run in the sky, hunt dragons and travel. They are "Orochi catchers". This is the story of one of them, the "Quin Zaza" and its crew.

Tomoaki Maeno as Mika, Tenma Amamiya as Takita , Souma Saito as Giro , Kana Hanazawa as Vanabel , Junichi Suwabe as Gibbs , Tomokazu Seki as Croc , and Takahiro Sakurai as Nico , barcode auditors Toriumi Kosuke -san, a Capella role Rie Kugimiya, Mr. Kentaro Gaga role Kumagai, Faye Officer Shin Furukawa, the Takashi Matsuyama's Badakin role, the Oken role Takeuchi Shun輔 's, the Soraya role Uemura YuSho 's Chinatsu Akazaki as the main role, Junya Enoki as the hero, Kazuhiko Inoue as the hero, Hiroo Sasaki as the role of Lee, Ayane Sakura as the role of Kata, Ayaka Senbongi as the role of Nanami , and Maaya Sakamoto as the role of Askera Kiyonobu Suzuki plays the role of Ura.

The original comic is on sale until Volume 7.

(C) Tawari Kuwabara / Kodansha / Airborne Dragons Production Committee


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