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"Roman Kishibe doesn't move"


A new "Confession Room" PV of "Osamu Kishibe does not move" OVA "Confession Room / The Run" to be released on March 25 has been released.

The confession room in a church in Venice, Italy, where a cartoonist, Rohan Kishibe, was visiting on an interview trip. The confession room is a place where you confess to your priest the "Ayamachi" you committed and purify your soul. Rohan accidentally enters the room where the Father should be, and a young man enters the room of the repentant. "Experience creates reality in a work." Curiously, Rohan decides to listen to the man's confession, and he begins to confess a story of terror.

`` The Confession Room '' depicting episodes of fear that I accidentally heard at a church in Venice, Italy, where Rohan visited on a coverage trip, and a terrible game that started from meeting a young man named Hima Hashimoto at a gym. The Run is animated.

(C) LUCKY LAND COMMUNICATIONS / Shueisha, Rohan Kishibe is a motionless production committee


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