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"Princess Principal" sequel Chapter 1


The key visual and the trailer of Chapter 1 of the "Principal Principal Crown Handler" sequel, which follows the "Principal Principal" TV series to be released to the theater on April 10, have been lifted.

London in the late 19th century. A new task has been assigned to Team White Pigeon, the Republic's spy group. It was a secondhand bookstore handover to the Republic. Ange, Dorothy, and Chise succeed in retrieving a secondhand bookstore shopkeeper, who was detained in a prison by the kingdom. Meanwhile, the spy hunting in the kingdom grew intensified in the wake of the attempted queen assassination, and tensions in the control of the Republic were intensified. Control speculates that spies dispatched to the Royal Family may be "double spies." In order to find out the truth, he instructs Team White Pigeon to come in contact with the spy codenamed "Bishop" sent to the royal family. What is the new mission? And what is a “bishop”?

The director is Masanori Tachibana, the series composition and script is Nobu Kimura, the character draft is Kouhaku Kuroboshi, the character design is Yukie Akiya and Kimiho Nishio, the general drawing director is Kimiaki Nishio, and the animation production is Actus.

Aoi Koga plays the role of Angers. The role of Princess is Akira Sekine, the role of Dorothy is Ochiha, the role of Beatrice is Hikaru Kageyama, the role of Chise is Nozomi Furuki, the role of L is Takayuki Sugo, the role of 7 is Miyuki Sawashiro , and the role of Dolly Shop is Hiroyuki Honda. Takumi Yamazaki plays the role of Colonel, Takaya Hoshi plays the role of Normandy, Tomoko Iida plays the role of Gazelle, and Norio Tobita plays the role of bishop.


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