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Yaritin ☆ Bitch Club (Japanese anime)


Start time:2019Release date:April 17, 2019
Production company:GRIZZLYGenre:For Women

Voice actor: Yusuke Kobayashi , Daiki Hamano , Ayumi Murase , Kentaro Kumagai , Takuya Sato , Yuki Ono , Tsubasa Yonaga , Masahiro Yamanaka , Masatomo Nakazawa

staff: Director: Ai Yoshimura, Series composition: Noel Juzuki, character ... show all

Love and sex spring unfold at a boarding school in the mountains! If you can't sex with a man within a month, you'll decide to fuck! ? Tono is a first-year student who has moved from Tokyo to a private boarding school in the mountains, "Private Morimouri Gakuen." Yaguchi of the soccer club who talked openly became the only friend, but entered the photography department that seems most comfortable because he is not good at ball games. However, there was only a name for the photography department, and it was the so-called “Yarichinbitch Club” where seniors with strong characters crowded! ! In contrast to Tono, who is upset, Kashima, who entered at the same time, does not move at all, and confesses to Tono in a jumble. Tono himself loves Yaguchi, but when he is with Kashima, his face turns red and there's something wrong. The clumsy and pure youth love story of the new members Tono and Kashima, who are at the mercy of seniors who are unwilling to sex!

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