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July “Peter Grill and the Time of the Sages”


The TV animation `` Peter Grill and the Time of the Sage '' broadcast time is from July It was decided, and the visual was released.

The director is Tatsumi, the script is Nori Mohri, the character design is Rui Ishige, and the animation production is Wolfsbain. Hiroshi Shimono

as Peter Grill , Kentaro Asamizu as Tim Robinson, Yui Ninomiya as Reveria Sanctus , Ayana Takedatsu as Mimi Alpacas , Hibiki Yamamura as Lisa Alpacas , Vegan Eldriel Is played by Akari Uehara, and Ayaka Senbongi plays Pigrit Pancetta .

This is the world of swords and magic. Peter Grill, a member of the Yakappachi Warrior Guild, has successfully won the martial arts festival and has earned the title of the strongest man on the ground! You should now be able to get married to your lover Ruveria. However, great power comes with great price. Ogre. Elf. Oak. Women from different races, aiming for the strongest genes on the ground, were aiming for Peter's offspring and were about to wriggle. Why are people so calm after things are over? The strongest sage time on earth, no one has ever seen!

The original comic is on sale until Volume 5.


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