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"EVANGELION PRIMOSTYLE" packed with the charm of "Evangelion" characters appears in a set of 5 types!


"Candy Online Shop" has started accepting reservations for EVANGELION PRIMOSTYLE Set " (2,750 yen including tax / postage and handling extra ).

A new deformed figure series packed with the charm of the character has appeared.
A full-fledged figure with a total length of about 60 mm and precise modeling and coloring is released in a set of 5 types.

Product delivery is scheduled for June 2020. The reservation may be over as soon as the number of preparations has been reached, so book early.

[Product information]

・ Price: 2,750 yen (tax included)
・ Delivery date: Scheduled to be shipped in June 2020

<Set Contents>
-1 set of painted dolls
1. Rei Ayanami
2. Shikinami Asuka Langley
3. Makinami Mari Mari Illustrious
4. Kaworu Nagisa
5. Shinji Ikari

● 5 gums (soda flavor)

Doll / Auxiliary parts: PVC, Base: MABS

H approx. 60mm x W approx. 30mm

<Target age>
15 years or older

* Photos and actual products may vary slightly.
* This product has a limited number of preparations. When the reserve number is reached, we may stop accepting orders early.
* In the case of a large number of requests, we may change the delivery time and place an order again.
In that case, there is a possibility of selling under different conditions.

* Please check the product sales page for the latest information and details.
* If the number of preparations is reached, sales may be terminated.
* Sales may have ended when you access the page.
* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
* The photos shown are under development and may differ slightly from actual products.


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