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"Words spring up like ciders"


It has been announced that Hiroshi Kamiya and Maaya Sakamoto will participate in the theatrical animation "words will spring up like ciders" to be released on May 15 .

The main visual drawn by character design Yukiko Aiyoshi has been released.

The 17th summer, a local city. Cherry, who is not good at communication and can hardly say what he thought other than haiku, and Smile, who can not overcome the apparent complex, meet at a shopping mall and eventually exchange words gradually through SNS. One day, they talk about why the old man, Fujiyama, who met while working part-time, was looking for records of memories that had been lost. They decide to find it on their own. As we search for records together to fulfill Fujiyama's wishes, the distance between Cherry and Smile shrinks rapidly. However, after a certain event, their thoughts passed each other.

The director is Ishiguro Kyohei, the script is Dai Sato, the character design is Yukiko Aikei, the music is Kensuke Ushio, and the animation production is Signal Emdi x Sublimation. Somegoro Ichikawa plays the role of Cherry, Sakika Sugisaki plays the role of Smile, Koichi Yamadera

plays the role of Fujiyama , Megumi Ban plays the role of Beaver , Natsuki Hanae plays the role of Japan , Hirokazu Umehara plays the role of Toughboy, and Julie plays the role of Smile. the Ai Nakajima, Mr. Mali role Sumire Moroboshi, the Tsubaki Fujiyama role Kikuko Inoue plays. (C) Production committee where words spring up like a flying dog / cider


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