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Basketball club love comedy manga "Nama Ikikari."


"Nama Ikikari." By Miyuki Bee, serialized in Shoujo manga magazine "Hana to Yume" (published by Hakusensha), has been converted into a voice drama with the appearances of Aino Nanjo, Takuya Sato and Yuki Ono.

This work is a love comedy that began when Yuki Machida, a senior high school student and a basketball club manager Toshimi, was told by a cheeky junior boy, Sho Naruse, that his secret to a senior captain had been broken. Yuki, who helped with the worst encounters and hated Sho, became worried about him as she was swayed by the brute force. Nanjo plays the main character Yuki, Sato plays Naruse, and Ono plays Naruse's childhood friend, Shizuka Hakamada, who cares about Yuki.

The voice drama is based on the two-dimensional barcode published in the `` Hana to Yume '' June 2020 issue supplementary voice card released on February 20 and the band of the original book volume 18 released at the same time, respectively Playable by reading. In the voice card, you can watch the "Surprise Present Edition" recorded in Volume 16 (can be saved), and in the 18th band you can watch the voice drama "Vol. 100 Anniversary" recorded in Volume 17. Also, by inputting both the serial code on the voice card and the password for the 18th volume, you can listen to the cast talk by Nanjo et al. Each content will be delivered for a limited time until May 19.


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