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Realization of joint post-recording of 3rd generation Pretty Cure


The post-recording of "The Movie Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Mysterious Day with Everyone" was held on January 25 and 26 for two days, revealing a large-scale post-recording scene with more than 40 participants.

This work is a mysterious one that repeats the new series "Healing Dot Pretty Cure", the previous work "Star Twinkle Precure", and the previous work "HUG! Draw a figure struggling to escape from the sun. The post-recording includes 13 casts of 3 generation Pretty Cure, casts who played the role of the fairy of each generation, and Hiroaki Hirata who played refrain of the enemy character of this work. Guest voice actor Inagaki Raizumi-chan also came to Miracle Lunlite to support her.

At the recording site, the casts of the 3rd generation Pretty Cure showed different expressions for each team (work). While the "Heapuri" team, which had not yet started broadcasting the TV series, was slightly nervous, the "HUG pre" team, which was the "series return" after a long absence, practiced together before recording, and recorded the final episode of the series The “Stapri” team, who had just finished, joined together during the transformation under the direction of Eimi Naruse, and the “Senior team” continued to demonstrate teamwork.

The "Heapuri" team is the first to challenge the transformation scene with this post-recording
(C) 2020 Movie Pretty Cure Miracle Leap Production Committee

While each team color stands out, there is also a scene where you can glimpse the bonds of 3rd generation Pretty Cure. On the first day of the recording, when the "Heapuri" team challenges the transformation scene for the first time, the "Stapuri" and "HUG Puri" teams gather before the monitor, and they are excited. The second day of recording was just after the last episode of "Stapuri", so there was an act in which the "Heapuri" and "HUG Pre" teams welcomed the "Stapuri" members with applause.

After the post-recording, the representative cast of each team expressed their thoughts to the co-stars and staff. Rie Hikisaka of "HUG Puri" said, "After about a year from the last spring movie after finishing the TV series, I came back to this Pretty Cure site and felt the weight that we were involved in Pretty Cure again It was really the best time. " Naruse of "Stapuri" said, "I was thrilled to be a senior for the first time because I was going to be a senior for the first time. I was really happy to send me, "she confessed.

From "Senior Pretty Cure" to "Heapuri" Baton Touch
(C) 2020 Movie Pretty Miracle Leap Production Committee

And Aki Yuki of "Heapuri" who received the baton from my senior said, "I was watching everyone's performance while thinking that just looking at it could recharge my dreams and hopes," "I hope we can do our best to reach the many children with the power we have given to them and fill the world with a kind feeling." "Mysterious Day with Everyone" is released nationwide from March 20.


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