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Platinum Games PS4 version "Bayonetta & Vanquish" reservation start


Pre-orders for PS4 software " BAYONETTA & VANQUISH " have started. It will be released on May 28

Platinum Games celebrates the 10th anniversary of the action game "BAYONETTA" and the shooting action "VANQUISH".

With the PS4 version, the resolution and frame rate are improved, and you can enjoy clearer, smoother gameplay. Also includes additional elements from the PS3 version. BAYONETTA supports Japanese voice, and VANQUISH adds three special weapons that were DLC.

· Amazon.co.jp "BAYONETTA & VANQUISH (Bayonetta and Vanquish)"
Amazon.co.jp "BAYONETTA & VANQUISH (Bayonetta and Vanquish) [Amazon.co.jp limited] original PC & Smartphone Wallpaper delivery"
[Official] BAYONETTA & VANQUISH (PlayStation4 )

YouTube "PS4" BAYONETTA & VANQUISH "promotion video"

YouTube “BAYONETTA & VANQUISH” / PS4 teaser trailer






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