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April-Buddhist priests can't refuse charismatic hairdresser's fingers.


The short anime "May be disturbed by my finger.-At the salon alone for two people after closing ...-" The regular version will be broadcast every Sunday from April 5 at 25:00. The full version for adults is limitedly distributed with ComicFesta animation.

"Maybe you are passionate about my fingers?"
"Fumi" works as an assistant at a popular salon in the city. He receives strict guidance every day from his charismatic hairdresser, So Fu, but he gets upset every time he touches him. After the closing of one day, in AoiHajime to me became a practice partner with a shampoo base will over the water!? Anger is! What a thinks Ya drawn as it is ...
"It's not good and why I can touch?"
The mind Sophie smiles evil as she sees through. My fingertips started to stroke every corner of the body ... I can't refuse this fingering anymore.

The role of Soho Nanase as Wataru Komada (Normal version), Manaka Sawa (Complete version), the role of Fumi Hoshitani as Yuri Yamaoka (Normal version), the one with Honey Mitsuko (Complete version), and the role of Chiba Kaname as Takuma Nagatsuka (Normal version) Version) ・ Sakura ICE Shishimaru (full version) plays.


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