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From the "Dragon Ball" SHfiguarts series, a cute Chichi from the Girls' Generation appears!


"Shimu Web Shoten" has started preordering "SHFiguarts Chichi-Girls' Generation".

"Soul Web Store" has started accepting reservations for SHFiguarts Chichi-Girls' Generation " (5,720 yen including tax / postage and handling extra ).

A cute girlhood chichi appears from the SHfiguarts series!


It comes with a shouting face when firing a special beam, a telephoto face that looks like a girl's chichi, and eyes-closed parts for a boomerang cutter throwing pose to be shot at the turtle hermit in the play.

The helmet and boomerang cutter are removable.

Includes a gorgeous pearl-painted sphere painted with the image of a shining dragon ball at the time of summoning a dragon!

Also, along with "Son Goku-Shonen-(sold separately)", it is possible to reproduce the comical world view of the initial Dragon Ball by placing it on the muscular cloud or arranging it!


Product delivery is scheduled for August 2020. The reservation may be over as soon as the number of preparations has been reached, so book early.

[Product Information]
■ SHFiguarts Chichi-Girls--
Price: 5,720 yen (tax included) -Delivery
date: Scheduled to be shipped in August 2020

Dragon Ball

<Main product content>  -3 types of
main body
and replacement expression parts-3 types
of replacement left wrist, 2 types of replacement right wrist
-Dragon Ball (two-star ball) Shinryu Summon Ver.
-Exclusive pedestal set

<Main Product material> ABS, PVC
<Product size> Overall height: about 100mm
<Target age> 15 years old ~
<Number of orders accepted> Up to 24 per order

Before purchasing: Please read.
* May differ slightly from actual product.
* Appearance such as coloring may vary slightly depending on the product.
* Product specifications and shipping dates are subject to change without notice.
* Once we reach the scheduled number, we may stop accepting orders.
In addition, if there are many requests, we may accept the request again.
* This product may be sold overseas.

Please read the above beforehand.

* Please check the product sales page for the latest information and details.
* If the number of preparations is reached, sales may be terminated.
* Sales may have ended when you access the page.
* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
* The photos shown are under development and may differ slightly from actual products.


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