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"FGO-Absolute Demon Beast Front Babylonia-" Episode 16 Special ED Non-Credit Video


The non-credit video of the special ending of the TV anime "Fate / Grand Order-Absolute Monster Front Babylonia-" Episode16 has been released.

You can listen to milet's "Tell me".

■ What is the TV anime "Fate / Grand Order-Absolute Demon Beast Front Babylonia-" This is
an animation of the popular episode "Seventh Singularity" of FateRPG "Fate / Grand Order" for smartphones. Original work is Kinoko Nasu / TYPE-MOON, lead character designer is Takashi Takeuchi, director is Toshifumi Akai, deputy director is Miyuki Kuroki, character design is Tomoaki Takase, music is Keita Haga and Ryu Kawasaki, production Is CloverWorks.

Chaldea, a humanitarian continuity security organization, observes a world that can not be seen only by magic, a world that can not be measured by science alone, and continues to work day and night to survive the history of humanity that has been proven to be extinct in 2017 . The cause of human extinction, the "unobservable area" suddenly appeared in various places in history-"singularities". Chaldea's only master, Tatsuka Fujimaru, intervenes in this singularity event with Demi Servant's Mash Kyrielight to elucidate or destroy it, a forbidden ritual— “The Holy Grail Search (Grand Grail) Order) ". This time, a newly discovered seventh singularity is ancient Mesopotamia in 2655 BC. After exploring the eternal and immortal spirit grass, the land of Uruk, ruled by the “King King Gilgamesh” and prospering, was threatened with overthrow by three pillars of goddesses and numerous monsters. And time travel to the past: Fujimaru and Mash, who arrived at the land of Uruk by "ray shift", meet hard while being threatened by the fortress city, an absolute monster front that stops the onslaught of the demon beast It was the appearance of people living in the country. The gods and beasts that attack. And the human race against it. This is the age of fate where humans and God part. The last battle between Fujimaru and Mash begins with the two who ran through six searches (orders).

Nobunaga Shimazaki plays Tatsuka Fujimaru , Rii Takahashi plays Mash Kyrielight, Ayako Kawasumi plays Fou , Kenichi Suzumura plays Romani Archiman , Maaya Sakamoto plays Leonardo da Vinci, plays Gilgamesh Tomokazu Seki , Yu Kobayashi as Elkidou , Takahiro Sakurai as Merlin , Yu Asakawa as Ana , Kana Ueda as Ishtar , and Yumi Uchiyama as Shiduri .


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