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"Prandala" episode 8


Synopsis and scenes of the 8th episode of "Abyss of Abyss", the 8th episode of the TV anime "Prandala", to be broadcast from February 26, have been released.

The burning town of Linden. The inhabitants were annihilated, and where the beautiful lake stretched out there was now a huge hole. The only surviving knight says that Abyss of Abyss has emerged from the hole. What is a "demon" who has contraindicated flying power and killed people without using a sword or bow? Jail goes to Richtow for clues.

■ TV and anime "Purandara"
Suu Minazuki the same name comics original teacher. The director is Kobe Yoko, the deputy director is Nishikata Yasuhito, the series composition is Suzuki Masanori, the character design is Takayoshi Yukari, Fukuchi Yuki, Fukuda Yuki, the action effect editor is Satoshi Sakai and Masaharu Tomoda , Music is Junichi Matsumoto, animation production is GEEKTOYS

Alcia, an unprecedented post-war world called the "War of Destruction". There is a world of weak meat erosion, where the strong take away the weak from showing their existence. In such a world, the two meet. Lichto, a young man who loves naughty things while masking his identity with a mask and uses a sword for the weak. A healthy and dedicated girl, Hina, travels in search of the “Legendary Shootdown King”, relying on her mother's will. When the two meet, the mystery of the world that governs everything is revealed little by little. The whole heroic action fantasy of Minazuki's "Sora no Otoshimono".

Yoshito Nakajima plays Rihit-Bach, Rina Motoizumi plays Harina, Ari Ozawa plays Lin-Mei , Ao Ichikawa plays Pele, Yuichiro Umehara plays Jail Murdoch , Shizuo Ito plays Nana , and Sonohara the water flowers role Aoi Yūki 's, the Alexander Auditor Hiroki Tōchi 's, the Shumeruman auditors Toshihiko Seki play san

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