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"Evangelion VR Startup, Ikebukuro Operation" is held!


The Ikebukuro area excursion event "Evangelion VR Startup, Ikebukuro Operation" will be held at "MAZARIA" (Ikebukuro, Tokyo), a place to enter animation and games in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The event will be held from March 6 (Fri) to May 10 (Sun), 2020.

This event is a tour based on the popular story of `` Evangelion VR The Soul's Sea '', a popular content that allows you to experience the world of Evangelion in VR. Event. There are two types of events, the stamp rally around the Ikebukuro area, "Eva Pilot Recruitment Stamp Rally" and the MAZARIA activity experience rally, "Eva Pilot Aptitude Test".


"Eva Pilot Wanted Stamp Rally"

The "Eva Pilot Recruitment Stamp Rally" is an event where MAZARIA passport prices are discounted by ¥ 500 by collecting stamps installed at five facilities in the Ikebukuro area.

The stamp rally card is installed on all stamp boards and can be downloaded from the special event page. There are five stores with stamps: EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01, Animate Ikebukuro Main Store, Sunshine City Alpa B1, Namco Ikebukuro Store, and MAZARIA, a place to enter animation and games.



"Eva pilot suitability test"

"Eva Pilot Aptitude Test" is an event that considers the experience of an activity as a pilot's aptitude test. Participants experienced three activities from among the target activities related to "core strength," "concentration," and "mental strength." Collecting three stamps and boarding "Evangelion VR" will change the sync rate with Eva, allowing you to experience a production that matches that rate. After boarding, you will receive a temporary Eva Pilot ID card with your face photo, boarding aircraft, sync rate, and serial code.





Food & drink with the “Evangelion” motif is also on sale!

Food and drinks based on the “Evangelion” motif will be released in conjunction with the event.

■ Evangelion VR drink (with clear bottle) Price: 2,200 yen
Original drink with Eva image color drink in clear bottle with entry plug as motif.



■ "Garlic ramen without a shoe (with taste ball) Price: 850 yen
" ■ "Misato's curry ramen" Price: 900 yen
Reproduce the familiar ramen with the work. Offered in original ramen bowls.



* Ramen bowls are not planned for sale at MAZARIA STORE.
* The design of the ramen bowl is an image. It may differ from actual.


New Evangelion Goods Released

In addition, new "Evangelion" original products will also be released.


■ Evangelion VR Clear Bottle All 2 types Price: 1,650 yen each


■ Evangelion VR Pass Case Price: 1,800 yen


■ Evangelion VR T-shirt Price: 3,850 yen


■ Evangelion VR start, Operation Ikebukuro Acrylic boat Price: 2,500 yen
※ Sale only in MAZARIA


[Event Summary]
■ "Evangelion VR Startup, Ikebukuro Operation"
・ Period: March 6 (Fri)
-May 10 (Sun) 2020 ・ Venue: "MAZARIA, a place to enter animation and games" and 5 other facilities
・ Price: Free (entrance to MAZARIA, activity experience is required separately)
・ Target age: 7 years old and over (experience of activity is based on target age)


* News release information is as of the date of announcement. The contents are subject to change without notice after announcement. Please note.
* All prices include tax.
※The image is an image. It may differ from actual.



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