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Episode 7 of "Fictional Reasoning"


Synopsis and scenes of the 7th episode "Preparation for the capture of steelmen", a TV anime broadcast on TV Asahi et al.

Detective Terada was killed by Nanase, a steel man. On the net, the topic that the steel man Nanase has committed murder finally flies. While talking to Kuro, Kotoko is convinced that there is a mastermind of the case. Kotoko and his colleagues, who believe that there may be new casualties, decide to defeat Nan Nanase tonight.

■ What is the TV anime "Fictional Reasoning?"
Author: Kyo Shirohira / Drawing: Chashi Katase's romance x biography x mystery. The director is Keiji Goto, the series composition is Noboru Takagi, the character design and total drawing director is Takatoshi Honda, and the animation production is Brains Base.

Kuro Sakuragawa, a girl who fell in love with Koto Iwanaga, who became the god of the wisdom of "mystery", was a man who was even afraid of "mystery" !? Whereabouts?!?

Akari Kitoh plays Koto Iwanaga, Mamoru Miyano plays Kuro Sakuragawa , Misato Fukuzono plays Saki Yumuhara, Sumire Uesaka plays Karin Nanase , Kenji Hamada plays Criminal Terada, and Mayumi Sako plays Rokka Sakuragawa. .

The original comic has been released up to volume 11.


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