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Seven episodes of "Heterogeneous Reviewers"


7th episode of TV anime "Heterogeneous Reviewers" to be broadcast on AT-X and others from February 22 "The eyes of the uncles at the spawning show will be shown! The secret of Maidley will be shown! Finally announced! Miss Succubus Synopsis and scene of "Popular Vote!"

A group of reviewers decided to go to the spawning succubus store. There is a call for ethics in the service of being able to eat spawned eggs on the spot, but it is safe because they are infertile. What kind of daughter will come to lay eggs?

■ What is the TV anime “Heterogeneous Reviewers”?
Original: Dr. Amahara / Drawing: The same name comic by Dr. masha A world where a wide variety of races live, including elves, beastmen, demons and angels. He goes to a mufufu shop run by daughters of different races and cross-reviews all the services. The director is Yuki Ogawa, the character design is Makoto Uno, the series composition is Kazuyuki Kazuyasu, and the animation production is Passione.

This is a world where not only humans but also elves, beastmen, demons and angels are mixed and live in all kinds of different races. There are, of course, lewd shops of all kinds of races ... One day, a human adventurer, Stank, who goes to a shop that offers a humorous service, conflicts with a bad friend Elo Elf Zell one day due to differences in sensitivity (in a sexual sense) between races. The method of settlement is .... Miss review! ? The role of Stanks who score the services of all daughters of different races in a cross-review manner and provide them with information on “role out” to other colleagues is just like a sex warrior! The reviewers continue their journey today in search of new pleasures.

The Stancu role Junji Majima, the diesel officers Yusuke Kobayashi, the Krim veil role Miyu Tomita, san Kancharu role Kaede Yuasa, the Meidori role M · A · O 's, Ms. Hyakudai Koyama the Elma role, only over the role iso part Hana凜's, Mari Hino the Okupa role, the Erudori role Rei Matsuzaki -san, the aloe role Yoko Hikasa, Mr. milky role Kato Yunashi, Nukui YuzuKei's the guineas role, the Elsa officer Koichi Makoto's, Shiori Izawa plays the role of Piltia, Takako Tanaka plays the role of Lona, Natsumi Takamori plays the role of tear plate, and An Yaomiya plays the role of Mitsue.

The original comic is on sale until Volume 4.


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