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"SSSS.GRIDMAN" Cyber ​​Security Monthly Poster


February 1 to March 18 is Cyber ​​Security Month. In order to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of IT with peace of mind, we will strengthen the spread and awareness of cyber security. The poster created by the TV anime "SSSS.GRIDMAN" has been released.

■ The TV anime "SSSS.GRIDMAN" is based
on the special effects program "Denko Superman Gridman" broadcasted in 1993. Directed by Tetsu Amemiya, Gridman Design by Masayuki Goto (Professor Tsuburaya), and screenplay by Keiichi Hasegawa.

I'm not alone. Anytime, anywhere. Yuta Hibiki, a high school freshman living on an azalea stand, lost his memory when she woke up one day. And Yuta meets "Hyper Agent Gridman" reflected on an old personal computer. Gridman tells him to fulfill his mission, and Yuta begins searching for the meaning and memory of the word. Despite being embarrassed by a sudden thing, Yuta sent every day with the help of his classmates, Utsumi Shokan, Rokka Takata, and Akane Shinjo. However, those calm days were easily crushed by suddenly appearing monsters.

Mitsuru Midorikawa plays the role of Gridman , Yuya Hirose plays the role of Yuta Hibiki, Souma Saito plays the role of Masami Utsumi, Yume Miyamoto plays the role of Rokka Takata, Rena Ueda plays the role of Akane Shinjo, and Toru Inada plays the role of Alexis Keliev. Mr., the mystery boy role of Kenichi Suzumura, Mr. Ryosuke Takahashi, a samurai-caliber officers, Max Auditor Katsuyuki Konishi, the Bora role Aoi Yūki 's, the Vittorio role Matsukaze Masaya 's, Mayumi Shintani the Rokka Mom role, Suzuko Mimori plays the role of Namiko , and Akari Kito plays the role of Hass.


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