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I want to be a dad (Japanese anime)


The original manga for women by Serina Seo, serialized on the web comic distribution site "ComicFesta" (Wave). Directed by "Mitsutaka Noshitani, who worked on" The inside of the skirt was a beast. " I do. Masahiro Yamanaka, who plays the role of university student, Koya Asumi, and Junta Terashima, who plays the role of single father, Keiichi Naruse, are also in charge of the theme song "Home sweet Home".

Start time:Winter 2019On-air date:January 6, 2019-February 24, 2019
Production company:Magic bathGenre:For Women

Voice actor: Masahiro Yamanaka , Junta Terashima , Nozomi Furugi

staff: Director: Mitsutaka Noshitani, Screenplay: Ayumu Nishifuji, Character Design ... View all

The Naruse family visited by Azumi, a college student from the housekeeper. A single father, Naruse-s
an and her son, Ika, have a family of 2, but this Naruse-san is too sexy ...! ! Azumi is conscious of what she should be. And when Naruse notices that he is frustrated, a demon is inserted. Naruse, it's too erotic to have a child ...!

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