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"PSYCHO-PASS" latest work will be released for limited two weeks from March 27. New visual


The latest series of the animation "PSYCHO-PASS Psycho-Pass" "PSYCHO-PASS Psycho-Pass 3 FIRST INSPECTOR" will be road show limited to 2 weeks from March 27. Exclusive distribution in Japan and overseas has also been decided on Amazon Prime Video. The key visual has been lifted.

2120, Tokyo. In a society managed by the Cibula System, two observers, Leading Criminal Affairs and resolving the case, Shinsui and Hike Mikhail Ignatov, seek truth and justice in the process of investigating the case. The tour breaks down. Kouichi Azusazawa, who makes a leap behind these incidents, finally targets the Criminal Division and attacks the Public Security Bureau building. A criminal division in charge of the Public Security Bureau, which has been set in unprecedented trouble. The last case occurs, asking the faith of Shaku and Kei-

■ TV anime "PSYCHO-PASS Psycho-Pass 3" is
the story of two new watchmen in the third phase of the TV series. The director is Naoya Shioya, the composition of the series is Cho Oku, the script is Makoto Fukami, Cho Oku, Ryo Yoshigami, the draft character is Akira Amano, the character design and total drawing director is Naoyuki Onda, the animation production is Production IG.

The near future in which a giant surveillance network and sibular system that quantifies the soul keeps people safe. After the introduction of the Civular System, Japan cut off international exchanges and was virtually in a state of isolation for a long time. In 2120, the time of change is approaching due to the opening of the country. In a changing world, detectives with guns that measure crime figures, the criminal coefficient, track down potential crimes before committing them.

Yuki Kaji as Shinshin, Yuichi Nakamura as Kei , Mikhail and Ignatov , Takahiro Sakurai as Sho Hinakawa , Akio Otsuka as Tenma Hatsruggi , Junichi Suwabe as Ichigo Ichigo and Mao Kisaragi the Kaori Nazuka, the Morikokorozashi favor Auditor Noriyuki Tang Sawashiro Miyuki 's, Mika auditors Shimotsuki Ayane Sakura 's, Ms. Noriko Hidaka the Dominator officers, law plaques static fire auditors Miyano Mamoru -san, Hiroshi Naka the Daigin遙煕role , Atsuko Tanaka as Kayoji Jojien , Yoko Hikasa as Karina Komiya , Tomoyuki Morikawa as Round Robin , Keno Horiuchi as Koichi Azusazawa , Sayuri Yahagi as Chiya Obata , Shinya Kogami The role of Tomokazu Seki , the role of Shin Ginoza is Kenji Nojima , the role of Teppei Sugo is Hiroki Higashichi, the role of Yayoi Rokugozuka is Shizuka Ito , the role of Frederica Hanagi is played by Takako Honda, and the role of Akane Tsunemori is played by Kana Hanazawa .


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