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Anime "Princess Connect! Re: Dive" will be broadcast from 4/6!


"Princess Connect! Re: Dive", which has been decided to be animated on TV, will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from April 6, 2020 (Monday). In addition, cast and staff information, the first PV was also released.

The original "Princess Connect! Re: Dive" is a smartphone animated RPG released in February 2018 as a sequel to "Princess Connect!", A jointly developed game between CyberAgent and Psy Games. Many users support cute characters and worldviews drawn by high-quality animation, and RPGs that can be played in earnest.

⇒Psygames' popular anime RPG "Princess Connect! Re: Dive" will be turned into a TV anime!

For the animation this time, the director and series composition will be handled by Takaomi Kanazaki of "Bless this wonderful world!", And animation will be produced by CygamesPictures, who worked on TV animation "Manaria Friends" and so on.

Cast information lifted! Comments arrive!

Information on the four main casts was also revealed. Mr. Atsushi Abe plays the role of Yuki as the main character, M.A.O as the role of Guild Master Pecorine, Miki Ito as the role of Miko Kokkolo, and Tachibana as the character of a cat beast race girl Rika works.

Comments have also arrived from the cast, so let me introduce them below (all original moms).

■ Q, Could you tell us your feelings and enthusiasm when the animation was decided? In addition, please give a message to everyone who sees this work, including the highlights and recommended points of this work.

-Yuuki's comment Atsushi Abe's comment
I was looking forward to animating it! I enjoy the game as a user, and I'm very worried about whether the main character talks. LOL We look forward to the activities of the Gourmet Hall!

・ As part of Pecorine
I was really happy when I heard that M.A.O's comment animation was decided! I am very excited to be able to see the moving princesses even outside the animation part of the game! ! In addition to the familiar parts of each character, the expressions newly drawn in the animation are also full of charm, so I think that you will be able to make various discoveries. Please look forward to the start of the broadcast!

・ The role of Kokkoro The
animation part was already great from the comment game of Miki Ito , so I was very happy that "This is going to be an animation!" I was looking forward to seeing how Kokkoro, Gourmet Hall and other guilds get involved! I'm sure you will see a new side of everyone, and it's a wonderful story that makes you laugh and impress. Whether you are playing the game or watching the anime, please look forward to the broadcast! !

・ The character of Rika Tachibana's comment is
finally here! And I am full of happy feelings! There are a lot of attractive princesses, so I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of expression in what story! Also, the atmosphere of the Landsol, which is the stage, is very cute, so I want you to pay attention to art and music! I am glad if you can enjoy the swing of the character by the members of the Guild Gastronomy Hall! (Lol)

Also released the first PV

In addition, the first PV of this work was also released. From the warm daily life of the guild and gastronomy hall to the action scene, it is painted colorfully.



[Overview of Anime]
■ "Princess Connect! Re: Dive"

・ Broadcast information:
TOKYO MX From Monday, April 6 every Monday 24:30-
BS11 Every Monday from April 6 Monday 24:30-
Sun TV Every Monday from April 6 Monday 24 1:30-
KBS Kyoto Every Monday from April 6 (Mon) 24:30-
TV Hokkaido Every Monday from April 6 (Mon) 25:30-
TVQ Kyushu Broadcast Every week from April 6 (Mon) Monday 26:00-
TV Aichi Every Monday from April 6 (Monday) 26:05-
WOWOW Every Wednesday from April 8 (Wednesday) 24:00-
Broadcast dates and times are subject to change without notice.

- Original: Cygames
, Director Series configuration: Kanezaki relaxin
, assistant director: Kana Shundo
-Character Design: Satomi Kurita,楊烈Hayao, Yasuyuki Noda
and Music: Imagine
animation production CygamesPictures

Organic: Atsushi Abe
, Pekorinu: · A · M O
-Kokkoro: Miku Ito
-Cal: Rika Tachibana

Yuuki, who has lost his memory, wakes up on the beautiful continent of Astraia, where the gentle wind blows through. Kokkoro, a small guide who takes care of him. Pecorine, a beautiful girl swordsman who is always hungry. A slightly cool cat ear magical girl character. The guild they launched, guided by fate, was called Gourmet Hall. Now, the curtain of Yuuki and their adventures opens.

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