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From "Rockman X", a solitary special A-class hunter "Zero" finally appears as a plastic model after about 25 years!



Kotobukiya has announced that Rockman X will be released in June 2020 from Rockman X. The price is 6,000 yen (excluding tax).

The "Rockman" series, which has been loved for more than 35 million units worldwide and for generations worldwide.
Among the many derivative works, speedy action and deep world view gained popularity, and from the `` Rockman X '' series which was established as a new brand, a senior irregular hunter that the main character X can rely on, a close friend `` After about 25 years, "Zero" has decided to launch its first plastic model product.



Various poses in the game can be reproduced by modeling the proportions thoroughly based on the precise movable design by CAD design and the setting image.





The biggest feature of the Zet Saver is that it comes with three types of blade effects with different shapes, and by incorporating the optional Milight 316 (lithium battery with LED) series, it is possible to emit clear molded blades!



In addition, please check out this product that you can enjoy various situations in the play along with busters and hand parts, three expressions, Z Saber and abundant accessories.






[Product Information]
■ Rockman X Zero
size: Height approx. 144mm
Price: 6000 yen (excluding tax)
Release month: June 2020

, replace the face part three (usually face, clenching face, roar face)
- replacement for Buster
, replacement hand parts four (grip hand, smack, accompanied by hand, weapon possession)
, Z-Saber effect three
- Z-Saber handle for exclusive use of milite 316 (lithium battery with LED)

-By changing face parts, it can be changed to 3 types of expression.
-Buster can be equipped by selecting left and right by replacement.
-Comes with 4 replaceable hand parts.
-Hand parts with Z Saber can be attached to X (sold separately).
・ Zet Saber can be mounted on the back.
-Includes three different types of Zet Saver effects.
・ Zet Saber blade part is reproduced by color clear molding.
-The Z-Saber handle parts for exclusive use of milite installation can incorporate the milite 316 (lithium battery with LED) series inside, and the clear blade can emit light.
* Only the MILIGHT 316 (lithium battery with LED) series is supported.
-The 3mm hole joint on the back supports "MSG [New Flying Base] [New Flying Base Plus]" etc., which can be displayed in the action pose in the play.
-Since it is a partially painted multi-color kit specification, even beginners of plastic models can assemble with confidence, and just assembling will complete zero close to the image in the game.
-The package is drawn by Keisuke Mizuno who was in charge of many character designs of the Rockman X series

* The image is a prototype. It may be slightly different from the actual product. In addition, it is painted for shooting.
* Light emission is based on CG images.
* The "MILIGHT 316 (lithium battery with LED) series" for Z-Saber emission is sold separately.



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