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TV anime “Heterogeneous Reviewers”, episode 6


Preliminary cut, synopsis, and preview video of Episode 6 have been released from the TV anime "Heterogeneous Reviewers" being broadcast.

"Heterogeneous Reviewers" is a popular comic series that is very popular in Nico Nico Manga's "Doradora Sha #". Unprecedented, in a world where a variety of races such as elves and beasts live, go to a muff-like store run by heterogeneous daughters and cross-review all services. ? Store review anime.


⇒The unprecedented ●● shop review animation is now open! "Heterogeneous Reviewers" Main Cast & Staff, etc., Latest Anime Information Released!


This time, the precedent cut, the outline, and the preview video of the sixth episode from the TV anime "Heterogeneous Reviewers" have been released.

[Synopsis & precedence cut]
■ Episode 6 "Golem can be enjoyed as much as you can if you can make an ideal girl, but your sense will be questioned. A parade of light is a go, just a garden of dreams ''




If you can make a woman you like from scratch, and if you can meet the child ... The stage this time is a succubus store that realizes such a delusion. Let's create the ideal girl by combining hair, eyes and body parts!

[Episode 6 preview video]


[Work information]
■ TV animation "Heterogeneous Reviewers"

<Broadcasting station>
-AT-X: Every Saturday 23:00-
 <Repeat broadcasting>
 Every Sunday 26:00-/ Every Tuesday 15:00-/ Every Friday 7:00--
TOKYO MX: Every Saturday 25
1: 30 -KBS Kyoto: 1 every Sunday 26:10
-Sun TV: Every Wednesday 26:00
-BS11: Every Saturday 25:30-

[Distribution site]
<Normal Ver.>
- D animation Store: Every Saturday 23 am 30 minutes to
-Niconico: Every Saturday 30 pm 23 to
<back option Ver.>
- D animation Store: every Friday 23 pm 30 minutes to
- niconico: Every Friday from 23:30

<Summary of work>
Nico Nico Manga's "Doradora Sha #" is now in a very popular series! A super-dangerous, fantastic comedy in many ways is decided to be a long-awaited TV animation! Set in a world where a variety of races such as elves, beastmen, demons and angels live, go to a muffy shop run by heterogeneous girls and cross-review all of their services! If you look at this, you will surely find a girl who is perfect for you!

is a world where not only humans but also elves, beastmen, demons and angels are mixed and live in all kinds of different races .
There are, of course, lewd shops of all kinds of races ...
One day, a human adventurer, Stank, who goes to a shop that offers a humorous service, conflicts with a bad friend Elo Elf Zell one day due to differences in sensitivity (in a sexual sense) between races.
The way to settle is ... Miss Review !? The role of Stanks who score the services of all heterogeneous daughters in a cross-review manner and provide it to other colleagues as "usefulness" information is exactly what Like a sex warrior!
The reviewers continue their journey today in search of new pleasures.

Stancu: Junji Majima
Zell: Kobayashi, Yusuke
Kulim Veil: Miyu Tomita
Kancharu: Kaede Yuasa
Meidori: M · A · O
Elma: Hyakudai Koyama
seen over: iso part Hana凜
Okupa: Mari Hino
Erudori: Rei Matsuzaki
aloe: Yoko Hikasa
Milky : Yuri Kato
Guinea: Yuka Nukai
Elsa: Makoto Koichi
Piltia: Shiori Izawa
Lorna: Takako Tanaka
Tier Plate: Natsumi Takamori Mitsue: An Yaomiya

Original: Amahara / Drawing: masha ("Heterogeneous Reviewers" / KADOKAWA)
Director: Yuki OgawaDirector
: Takahiro MajimaSeries
composition: Kazuyuki FuruyasuCharacter
design: Makoto
UnoArtistic director: Takeshi Sekino (DIG )
color design: Ritsuko Utagawa
Director of photography: Takamitsu sera (tri-pad)
eDIT: Mishima AkiraOsamu
Music: Uchihigashi Kotone
acoustic Director: Hisayoshi Hirasawa
sound effects: Yasushi Inomata
animation production: Passhone
production: different races Reviewer's production Committee

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