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Washing shop! ~ I and I are in a women's bath! ? ~ (Japanese anime)


"Washing shop!-I and the guys are in the women's bath !?" (Original title: Daughter of a dick washing shop-With a crush on the guys and the women's bath) is a male student, Sota, in a public bath at the parents' house A throbbing love story that sheds the back of her classmate girl Aoi while hiding her identity. The short version will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others, and the full version depicting the extreme scenes will be distributed in ComicFesta Anime Zone. The cast will be led by Kana Honma as the protagonist, Souta, and Apple Aoba as the role of Aoi.

Start time:Spring 2019On-air date:April 7, 2019-May 26, 2019
Production company:Magic bathGenre:Romantic comedy

Voice actor: Aoba Apple, Honma Kana, Igasaki Ayaka, Furukawa Tetsuto

staff: Director: Mitsutaka Noshitani, Series Conte: Mitsutaka Noshitani, Screenplay ... View all

"Is this really a massage ...?" Sota, who started a part-time job as a craftsman in a bathhouse in her parents' home, decided to shed her classmate girl Aoi's back while hiding her identity. If you continue slimming massage with sexual harassment from everyday grudge, it is actually discovered that Aoi is feeling unrequited on herself! !! While touching the irritated skin, it is also possible that the identity of the body washer is Sota -The clumsy male and female youth romantic comedy waiting for the red curtain!

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