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TV anime "Darwin's Game" 6


Synopsis, scenes, and a preview of the 6th episode "Kongo (Hardness)" of TV anime "Darwin's Game" broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from February 14 have been released.

Kaname and Luge arrive at the location where Shuka sent the message. It was an underpass that was submerged by someone's incompetence. Kaname enters the underpass without hesitation to save Suka, and finds Suka who loses consciousness beyond that. On the other hand, Luge hunts down Sui, a girl she met at the entrance of the underpass, to find out the situation, but she is hunted down by Sui's abilities.

 The TV anime "Darwin's Game" is based on
the same name comic by FLIPFLOPs. The director is Yoshinobu Tokumoto, the character design is Kazuya Nakanishi, the series composition and script is Hide Miyama (FLIPFLOPs), the music is Kenichiro Suehiro, and the animation production is Nexus.

An invitation email for the unknown application "Darwin's Game" arrives under a mediocre high school student, Kaname Sudo. After launching the app, Kaname gets caught up in a game where players make full use of their talents. Can you survive the battle with powerful players who attack without knowing, can Kaname survive?

Yusuke Kobayashi will play the role of Kaname Sudo , Rena Ueda will play the role of Akano Kano, Himasa Omori will play the role of Rain , Taku Yatsushiro will play the role of Luge , and Yumi Hanamori will play the role of Sui / Sota .

The comic has been released until the 19th volume.

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