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6 episodes of "SHOW BY ROCK !!


Synopsis and scenes of the 6th episode "Hiromenez" released on February 13, TV anime "SHOW BY ROCK !!

Masima Himeko with a disturbing attitude. I'm hoping to work with them to get along. But ...

 TV anime “SHOW BY ROCK !! Mashimai Reshi !!” is the
first new anime series in 3 years in the “SHOW BY ROCK !!” series. The original is Sanrio, the director is Seiki Son, the series composition is Daisuke Tazawa, the character design and total drawing director is Noriyuki Ito, animation production: Kinema Citrus.

Miracles, you might have met! ? Born and raised in a small village in the north, a white fox girl "Howan". I started traveling to Under North Zawa, a city I longed for after the audition. He meets Shima Mashima Himeko, the Devil Mint Demon Dragon Tribe Delmin, and the Wolf Daughter Lufuyu to form a band. Is it? A rock music story full of glitter is about to begin. Alright, let's do it ♪

Mr. Huang the role Hikaru Tono, Mr. the Mashimahimeko role Natsuyoshi Yuko, Mr. the Derumin role Misaki Watada, Mr. Yamane the Rufuyu role Ayaginu, Yasu auditors Ito Kento-san, Mr. Shohei Komatsu the Hacchin role, a constant role Yuki Ono Yusuke Shirai plays the double role, Lynn plays the lalarin, Yu Serizawa plays the role of Smomone , and Minori Suzuki plays the role of the faint .

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