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“Heya Can △” episode 7


The synopsis and scenes of the 7th episode "Hotou Cooking Daisakusen" of the TV anime "Heya Campaign" broadcast from February 17 have been released.

TV anime "Heya Can △" is the
first new TV anime series "Yurucan △" in two years. Another outdoor girl story. The original Afro teacher, directed by Masato Jimbo, the series composition and screenplay by Mutsumi Ito, the character design and general drawing director by Mutsumi Sasaki, and the animation production by C-Station.

Motosu High School has a school building in one corner of Yamanashi Prefecture, and a loose outdoor circle that uses a corner like "Eel of the Eel" as a club room in the club room building in that corner.
Today, as Kakamigahara Nadeshiko was squandering his spare time in a small clubroom, Chiaki Ogaki and Aoi Inuyama suddenly say, "I'm going to travel now!"
The Nokuro members take Yamanashi Nakatoshi and run westward along with the nagashi.
Where is the goal of your journey while you are enjoying the specialties of various places and the unusual road of a high school girl? ?

Narimiko Kakamigahara plays Yumori Hanamori , Chiaki Ogaki plays Sayuri Hara , Aoi Inuyama plays Aio Toyosaki , Rin Shima plays Nao Higashiyama , Ena Saito plays Riyo Takahashi and narrates Akio Otsuka. Is in charge.

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