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"Rike love" episode 6


Synopsis and scene from the TV anime "Science fell in love so I tried to prove it." Episode 6 "Kissed because science fell in love." Was released.

Tokita is told that the general condition of romance is whether he wants to kiss his partner or not, and Yukimura tries to kiss the ice room. However, Himuro dislikes a work-like kiss that measures the neck angle with a protractor. Himuro realized that kissing would be an ant if he had a good mood like a ferris wheel, and he and Yukimura found a formula to define the mood numerically. Where is the highest mood? And can they kiss ...! ?

 TV anime "science has tried to prove because fell in love." The
same name comics original Yamamoto Ali Fred teacher. The director is Toru Kitabata, the deputy director is Kenta Onishi, the series composition and script is Shintaro Ikeda, the script is Michiko Yokote, the character design and general drawing director is Yusuke Isauchi, and the animation production is Zero G.

What if science girls and science boys fall in love with passion for research? A graduate of the science graduate student who attends Saitama University, Iris Himuro confesses to Shinya Yukimura in the same laboratory. Of course, there is no theoretical basis for that "like"! However, as a major in science and engineering, "If you can't prove your love theoretically, you can't say that you like it, and you're disqualified as a science student!" Start a proof experiment on the definition of "!" Dating experiment, elucidation of favorite components, heart rate measurement experiment, measurement of mood value .... A love comedy with laughter and kyungkyun that loving sciences that are too individual and theoretically prove love.

Yuma Uchida plays the role of Shinya Yukimura , Amamiya Ten plays the role of Himuro iris , Natsuko Hara plays the words, Hina Omori plays Ena Toshida, Jun Fukushima plays the role of Inukai Torasuke, and Okuyu plays the role of Professor Ikeda Ryutaro and Momo Asakura will play the role of Rikekuma .

The original comic is on sale until Volume 7.

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