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"Uchitama ?!" Vocal Collection Episode 1 ~ 5 Episode ED theme viewing video


Of the 10 ending theme solo songs sung by Tama and his 3-chome members, included in the vocal collection of the TV anime “Uchitama? The viewing digest video up to the fifth episode has been released.

Episode 1 ending theme "Looking for Hidamari"
Tama Okamoto (CV: Souma Saito )

Episode 2 ending theme "Rainy Bull"
Kuramochi Bull (CV: Tomoaki Maeno )

Episode 3 ending theme "Always Always Promenade "
Yamada Pochi (CV: Kensho Ono )

Episode 4 ending theme" Star of 3-chome ☆ "
Mikawa Kuro (CV: Yuichiro Umehara )

Episode 5 ending theme" UP TO DATE! "
Kiso Tora ( CV: Yusuke Shirai)

■ The TV anime "Uchitama ?!-Do you know your own Tama?" Means
"Tama & Friends Uchitama I don't know about stationery and miscellaneous goods." Tama and Pochi are anthropomorphic people! Director: Kiyoshi Matsuda, series composition: Kimiko Ueno, character design: Mai Otsuka, music: Tom-H @ ck, animation production: MAPPA / Lapin Track .

A certain piece of paper was frequently pasted on the third street of a certain town. There is a picture of a cat with a tail and the words "Do you know my ball?" The boy who is looking at the poster has fluffy ears and a tail ...! ? The cats and dogs on 3-chome run around in human form! ? Why don't you take a peek at Tama and Friends Nyan and Wonderful Everyday?

Okamoto Tama auditors Sōma Saitō 's, Yamada Poti auditors Kenshō Ono -san, Shirai Yusuke's the Kiso tiger auditors, the Hanasaki peach role Kana Hanazawa, the Kawahara-based role Uchida Stallion 's, the Oketani coma role Tomoyo Kurosawa Hiroki Kaji will play Nora , Yuichiro Umehara will play Kuroh Mikawa , Wataru Hatano will play Noda Gon , and Tomoaki Maeno will play Kuramochi Bull .

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