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Voice actor unit Kleissis's 1st live DVD "volare" released on February 12


Kleissis's live DVD " Kleissis 1st LIVE-volare- " will be released on February 1

Kleissis is a unit born from the smartphone game `` Arka Last: The End of the World and the Diva's Fruit '', voice actorsYuki Tanaka, Miyu Tomita , Marina Marina Yamada, Mari Takahashi, Kiyoshi Yamane, Yukiko Motoyoshi, Yuki Kaneko Is a member.

Includes the second part of the live "Kleissis 1st LIVE-volare-" held at Harajuku Quest Hall on July 20, 2019. In addition to the live main part of 10 songs including encores, the recital plays that play the roles of the divas in each role are also included.

Backstage video, "Kleissis memory 2018.7-2019.7 <Complete Edition>" will be included as a bonus.

Amazon.co.jp “Kleissis 1st LIVE -volare- [DVD]”
Kleissis 1st LIVE-volare (Volare)-
Kleissis (Clay Sith) Official Website

■ Reading drama
“The Questions of
Theirs ” ■ Main story (2nd footage of “Kleissis 1st LIVE-volare (Volare)-” on July 20, 2019)
M1. “Divergence of Decision”
M2. “Kleissis Chaos”
M3. of promise)
M4. "Aria of the Atonement"
M5. "In an upside-down world"
M6. "Chiral of captivity"
M7. "Into the Abyss"
M8. "Another Sky Resonance"
M9. "Beyond the goodbye"
Enc1. “Kleissis Chaos”
■ Bonus video ■
“Kleissis 1st LIVE-volare (volare)-” backstage video
■ Kleissis memory 2018.7-2019.7 <Complete version>

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