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TV anime "Somali and the God of the Forest", episode 6


The synopsis and scenes of the TV anime "Somali and the God of the Forest", episode 6, "Flowers that breathe look for birds", will be released on February 13.

Uzoi attacks Somali to cure the disease of Hytra. However, Somali could not be hurt by the kind heart of Uzoi. That night, Hytra confides a serious secret to the golem. Uzoi, who had happened to know it, knew the truth and rejected Hytra.

 What is the TV anime "Somali and the God of the Forest?"
Originally based on the same name comic serialized by Wakoishi Yako-sensei in the WEB comic zenyon. In ancient times, in a world where humans lost in battle are at risk of extinction and dominated by anomalous creatures, a mysterious encounter with the forest god `` Golem '' and the bond between the parent and child of the human daughter Somali Fantasy work. Director Kenji Yasuda, character design Ikuko Ito, animation production satellite.

In the woods I met "it". It (human) called me (golem) "dad". The earth is a world dominated by strange and strange people. Humans were persecuted and threatened with extinction. One day, a gorem, the guardian of the forest, meets a human girl. A record of the journey that spells the bond between the dying race "Human" and the father and daughter of the Forest Golem.

Somali auditors water to prayer 's, the Golem officer Daisuke Ono, san Shizuno role Hiroki Nanami, the Yabashira role Suzuki Tatsuhisa 's, the Uzoi role Saori Hayami, the Haitora role Yuki Ono, the Kikira Yu Kobayashi, Musurika the role Hayami Sho -san, the Kokirira role Tomokazu Seki, the Hazel role Ai Kayano 's, pralines role Takagaki Ayahi 's, Rosa Aunt role Rie Shibata plays.

The original comic is on sale until Volume 6.

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