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"Olympia Cuclos" is a rare TV animation from April


"Olympia Cuclos", which is serialized in Grand Jump by Dr. Yamazaki of "Thermae Romae", has been decided to be a short animation. The TV anime “Olympia Cuclos” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX from April 2020. 24 episodes in 5 minutes.

The ancient Greek youth Demetrios is a gentle apprentice vase artist who loves painting and nature. And it has high athletic ability "in waste". When he entered the jar when he was worried, he slipped back in time to far beyond Tokyo! Demetrios overcomes the crisis by bringing back various wisdom and customs from the drifted Tokyo! A miracle comedy

that transcends space-time begins here !! The creator is Ryo Fujii. Is there an unprecedented epoch-making animation that expresses with a novel animation technique that combines characters moving with clay animation and various video techniques?

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