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Key visual release of new animation "Maesetsu!"


Key visuals have been released from "Maesetsu!"

The TV anime "Maesetsu!" Is a new TV anime work depicting the everyday lives of girls aiming for comedians. The original is Mugenda-san, and the original illustration is Kagami Mizumi, the original creator of Lucky Star. The director is Yu Shinoda, the series composition is Doko Machida, and the production is jointly performed by Studio Gumi and AXsiZ. Television broadcasting was announced to start in 2020.
⇒ New animation "Mae Sets!", Character information, etc., which illustrations are written by Kagami Mizu of "Lucky Star"!

This time, a key visual has been released from the anime "Maesetsu!"

The struggle of girls aiming to be entertainers scheduled to be broadcast in 2020 is expected to follow up!

[Work information]
■ TV animation "Maesetsu!"
<Broadcasting period>
TV broadcasting starts in 2020

Original: Mugenda I
Original Illustration: Kagami Mizumi
Director: Yu Shinoda
Series Composition: Doko Maceda
Screenplay: Doko Maceda, Shodai Ogiri, Joe Ito
Character Design: Yuzo Hirata
Total Drawing Director: Masako Koseki, Naoki Yamauchi
Costume Design: Kasuko Hayakawa
Prop Design:
Yuki Korezawashige (Digital Noise) Light Dream (Digital Noise)
Color Design: Aiko Matsuyama
Art Director: Hiroki Matsumoto
Background: Atelier Platz
Cinematographer: Kouji Hayashi
Photography: Graphicnica
Editor: Mutsumi Takemiya
Acoustic Director: Tsuruoka Yota
Music: Akira Kamimae, MONACA
Music Producer: Shigeru Saito
Animation Producer: Tetsuya Tomioka
Planning Producer: Atsushi Ito, Goneta Kato
: Kota Amatsu Productions: Doko Machida / Sho Ogiri
Planning Cooperation: Yoshimoto Kogyo
Animation Production: Studio Go Gumi / AXsiZ
Production: Farm Class

north wind Fubuki: Onishi nitrous玖璃
wintry wind midwinter: Naomi Ozora
Rin Shintani: Hiromi Igarashi
Aso Gion of Utah: Sakura Nakamura
wintry wind midsummer: Takada YuNozomi
Kim Sung Kanae: Nozomi Furuki
Eru Kusaba: Asuka Aida
straw Ino storm: Ayaka Shimizu
Junki Tomita: Junki Tomita
Ubu no Hatsuna: Ubu no Hatsuna Masamoto
Yamamoto: Masago Yamamoto 1663
Samejima : 1633 Samejima
Intermediate Beginning ( Nayuta Asogi 's older sister): Risa Murai,
Baron House Manager (Sincere Person): Ogino Haruo
Baron's House Carlos Ali (Dandy): Kentaro Tone
Baron's House Keiko Auntie (Actually Good Person): Rei Shimoda and

Aim! Namba Grand Kagetsu! !
The 19 young girls, 19-year-olds (Fubuki Kitakaze, Fukuma Fuyu, Rin Shintani, Nayuta Aso), who are aiming to be comedians, are working hard on practicing sprees while working day and night. The four people who do their best to the cause, "Let everyone be happy with laughter! We will be happy with everyone's happiness," but the seeds are hard to sprout.
For those four, "Budokan in the comedy world" stands on the stage of Namba Grand Kagetsu! There was a goal.
However, first of all, I decided to work from a familiar place, so I decided to work hard to stand on the stage of farm class, the lowest floor of the infinity hall in Shibuya, Tokyo.
With the goal of becoming an active female high school student and entertainer "JK Cool" who is a rival of them (only they think without permission), Mafuyu's younger sister's pupil and senior of Kanae Kanae's high school childhood friend, The high school first graders who learn and start also aim to be entertainers!

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