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Switch "Azumare Animal Crossing" Pre-order starts on March 20


Pre-orders for Nintendo Switch software " Azumare Animal Crossing " have started. It will be released on March 20.

The latest game from the popular game Animal Crossing series. The stage of this work is uninhabited island. You will start living on the island by participating in the “Uninhabited Island Migration Package Plan” produced by “Tanuki Development”.

Amazon.co.jp “Gathered Animal Crossing”
Amazon.co.jp “Gathered Animal Crossing ([Amazon.co.jp Limited] Original 2-tier Mini Lunch Box Included)”
Amazon.co.jp “Gathered Animal Crossing ” Animal Crossing | online code version "
Viva Animal Crossing | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo

YouTube “Animated Animal Forest TVCM”

YouTube “Gathered Animal Crossing [Nintendo Direct 2019.9.5]”





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