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The rising of the shield hero (Japanese anime)


It was originally published on MF Books (KADOKAWA) in 2013 after being announced on the novel posting site "Let's Become a Novelist". Otaku University student Naofumi Iwatani was summoned to another world as one of the heroes. He set out on a training journey to protect the world, but betrayed by his friends in a few days. A fantasy work depicting the uprising of a man who has lost all his money and position. The animation production staff includes Takao Abo, directed by Keigo Koyanagi, composed by Keigo Koyanagi, character design and animation director Masahiro Suwa, acoustic director: Hiroki Go, and music by Kevin Penkin. Animation production is handled by Kinema Citrus. The main characters will be played by the main character, Naofumi Iwatani, by Kaito Ishikawa, by Renjo Amaki, by Yoshijo Matsuoka, by Motoyasu Kitamura, by Shin Takahashi, and by Yoshiki Yamatani.

Start time:Winter 2019On-air date:January 9, 2019-
Production company:Cinema citrusGenre:Fantasy

Voice actor: Kazuto Ishikawa , Asami Seto , Rina Hidaka , Yoshijo Matsuoka , Shin Takahashi , Yoshio Yamatani

staff: Director: Takao Abo, series configuration: Keigo Koyanagi, character over Design Chief Animation Director: Masahiro Suwa, design leader: Takeshi Takakura, Design Assistant: Wada Shinpei, monster design: MoriKen, Action Design: Yuka Kuroda, Prop Design: Ayako Sugimura , Color Design: Anna Okamatsu, Visual Advisor: Osamu Masuyama, Art: Shinsuke Kinoshita / Sachiko Nishiguchi / Seiko Akashi, 3DCG Director: Yuji Koshida, 2D Artist: hydekick, Motion Graphics: Hidekatsu Uemura, Cinematographer: Yukiyo Kajiwara, Editing: Hitomi Sudo, sound production: Glovision, acoustic Director: Gobun Yuki, Music: Kevin Penkin, music producer: Hiromitsu Iijima / Shunichi Uemura Close

One book I met at the library. The main character, Naofumi Iwatani, has been summoned to another world as a hero. With the ability to use shields, he meets conspiracy and betrayal and loses everything in another world. Heroic fantasy depicting the rise from the bottom!

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