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TV anime "Yagame-chan Kansatsu Nikki 2 Satsume" # 6


The synopsis and scene of the TV anime "Yagame-chan Kansatsu Nikki 2 Satsume" # 6 "Yield Nia" which will be broadcast on TV Aichi et al. From February 9 has been released.

"Nagoya Flying" is a word that came to be used after a train that Nozomi Shinkansen stopped at Nagoya was set up, but it's a nuisance for people in Nagoya. I was so depressed that the band did not do live. Animation broadcasts are also mixed. "Fly Nagoya", terrible! !

 TV anime "Yaokame Kansatsu Nikki" is
a very popular local comedy that observes cute Yasogame-chan and improves the status of Nagoya !! General director is Hisashi Hirasawa, animation production is Saetta , Animation production cooperation is Creators in Pack.

In Nagoya, where high school student Jinkaiito, who grew up in Tokyo, transferred to, she met a dialect-exposed high school girl named "Yagami Kamenaka". Yasogame-chan, who operates a cat-like appearance and an explicit Nagoya dialect, doesn't miss her at all.

During auditors turtle eighty Haruka Tomatsu Yuki Wakai officers, Sasazu yan greens auditors Mikako Komatsu 's, Dongcheng Date Masako's pitched downtown officers, the first in the Lara Yoshino Nanjō 's, the Suzumeda Raisuzu Eriko Matsui , Kenji Akabane plays Teppei, Honoka Kuroki plays Shiharu Ichizenmae, and Ayasa Ito plays Naho Koshiyasu.

The original comic has been released up to the seventh volume.

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