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WOWOW's drama "Puru". Drawing love with AI


"Puru" by Dr. Maruharu Harada, depicting the love and marriage between humans and AI, will be made into a serial drama on WOWOW. Hiroki Kaji plays the role of Kenichi Kakiki, the main character . He also played the same role in the web drama "A novel to enjoy with ears". Scheduled to be broadcast in May.

In 2030, we got married with AI as a family member. A dull office worker, Kenichi Kakiki, failed to date a senior at a longing company he had been crushing for many years, and from that shock, purchased a beautiful girl AI equipped with a sexual intercourse function and was greeted as a wife, "Puru". However, somehow she is refused the first night of marriage. Katiki visits the developer of "Puru" and encounters a mysterious AI researcher Kaede Miyama who has no empathy, and learns that there was a problem with his initial settings, but unfortunately "Puru" You will be told that you cannot change the settings. Instead, Miyama has made a surprising proposal to plucking trees ...

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