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New 3WAY can badges and notebook-type smartphone cases are now available from the TV anime "Bride of the Five Quarters"!


Pre-orders of 3WAY can badges and notebook-type smartphone cases from the TV anime "Fifth Bride" drawn today have been pre-ordered from February 3, 2020 (Monday).

"Fifth Bride" is a popular comic by Negumi Haruba serialized in "Weekly Shonen Magazine" (Kodansha). A high school boy, a hero who lives in poverty, becomes a tutor of five unique sisters on the verge of failure, and struggles to guide them to graduation. A TV animation will be broadcast on TBS and other sites from Thursday, January 10, 2019, and production for the second phase has also been decided .
⇒ "Fifty equal brides", TV anime second phase production decision!

This time, items from the TV anime series "Bride of the Five Quarters" x "Petapuru" series will be released by the Playful Mind Company, which plans, manufactures and sells character products and promotional goods in all genres of animation and games. Was decided.

The cute and cute figure of Futako and Futaro, unique to the “Petapuru” series, are designed, featuring a cute 3WAY can badge with flowers and pastel pink and green. A total of 12 items that are convenient for everyday use, such as a classic notebook type smartphone case, will be released.

The `` 3WAY can badge '' is a slightly larger can badge of 75 mm, and there is a hole that can attach a stand function and a strap, so it can be worn not only as a normal can badge but also in various forms In addition to being able to do it, it is a fun item as an interior.

The "notebook type smartphone case" is available in a size compatible with the iPhone. The design is printed on the entire cover in full color, with a smartphone stand function. There are two card pockets inside and a pocket that can store receipts, so it can be used conveniently.

The pre-order period is from February 3 to February 25 today. Both are scheduled to ship in late April 2020, so why not try buying a new "Equally Bride" goods at the beginning of a new season?

[Product Information]
■ "Equal Divided Bride" 3WAY Can Badge (POTE-A Kazuka Nakano / POTE-B Jino Nakano / POTE-B Jino Nakano / POTE-C Miku Nakano / POTE-D Yoyo Nakano / May Nakano / POTE-F Futaro Uesugi)
Price: 980 yen each (excluding tax)

■ "Five equal brides" notebook type smartphone case (POTE-A / POTE-B)
Price: 3280 yen each (excluding tax)  

* The notebook type smartphone case (iPhone) supports the following models.

iPhone5, 6 / 6s / 7/8, 6Plus / 7Plus / 8Plus, X / XS, XR, XS Max

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