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"Dorohedro" BD-BOX top and bottom volume CM video. Also includes new animation OVA


The BD-BOX top and bottom volumes of the anime " Drohedro " will be released on May 20 and June 17. The first volume CM video was released

Six episodes are included in each volume. The second volume also includes the new animation video OVA "Mabon no Bonus 1-6" (approximately 30 minutes in length). The first volume includes a bonus disk, a finger skateboard (Nikaido model), and original stickers (5). An original shoe earring is included in the lower volume.

· Amazon.Co.Jp "Dorohedoro Blu-ray BOX first volume Limited Edition"
· Amazon.Co.Jp "Dorohedoro Blu-ray BOX MZ Limited Edition"

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Amazon.co.jp “Dorohedro Blu-ray BOX First Volume Limited Edition”
Amazon.co.jp “Dorohedro Blu-ray BOX Volume 2 First Limited Edition”
Animation “Dorohedro”

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