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The key visual of Part 2 of "G Reconguista", "Berri Attack". Stage greeting


The key visuals of "The Reconguista in G", the second part of the movie "Berri Shout," to be screened from February 21 have been lifted.

Derrensen, who sorties out to rescue the berries, storms the pirate megafauna. After being forced into space combat in orbit around the globe, Berri intercepts himself with the G-Self without noticing a confrontation with his teacher. Meanwhile, Capital Army also demands the status of G-Self and Laraya Mandy, and will dispatch Becker's Ushia squadron following Elf Brook's mask squad. Behind it was a crisis ignoring the squad's taboos-a threat from space.

On February 22, Shinjuku Piccadilly will be hosting the "Part 2 Screening Commemoration! Capital Army Stage Greeting". Yoshiyuki Tomino, Director Takuya Sato (as mask), Ayayo Takagaki (as Manny Ambassada), Takeshi Koyama (as Derensen Sumata), Keiji Himeno (as Becker Shadam), Mai Nakahara (barala)・ The role of Peor will be on stage.

On March 1st, "Amelia Army General Commander also participates in Shinjuku Piccadilly! Parent-child talk show" will be held. Yoshiyuki Tomino, general director, Shunichi Yoshizawa (director), Yu Shimamura (as Aida Surgan ), and Hiroyuki Kinoshita (as Gushion Surgan ) will be on stage.

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