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"Uzaki-chan wants to play!" TV animation


Jo-sensei has announced that Uzaki-chan wants to play! It will be broadcast from July 2020. The director is Kazuya Miura, the series composition is Takashi Aoshima, the character design is Manabu Kurihara, and the production is ENGI.

Naomi Ozora will play the role of Hana Uzaki, Kenji Akabane will play the role of Shinichi Sakurai , Ayana Taketatsu will play the role of Ami Aso, and Tomoya Takaki will play the role of Ichijin Sakaki.

Illustration and comment of the decision to make TV animation by Mr. Jo are released.

It's time to make a TV anime with your support! I've been doing a lot of work while continuing the series, but it was the hardest thing to keep secret until this announcement ...! I'm glad if you can look forward to seeing the Uzakis who are moving around a little more!

The original comic is on sale until Volume 3, and Volume 4 is released on February 7.

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