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From "Fate / EXTELLA LINK", the idol servant "Elisabeth-Bartley" will be figured out in the DLC swimsuit costume "Nagisa no Fresh Blood Majo"!


Hobby Japan has announced that the figure of the character "Elisabeth Bathory" of the action game "Fate / EXTELLA LINK" will be released around December 2020, and reservations have started. The price is 15,980 yen (tax included).

“Fate / EXTELLA LINK” is the sequel to the high-speed servant action game “Fate / EXTELLA”, which controls the heroes of the history and mythology of east and west, and defeats hundreds of enemies with overwhelming power. In this work, the battle for the survival of the lunar world is settled, and a new story centered on the new servant "Charlemagne" is set in the lunar world where peace came.

This time, from "Fate / EXTELLA LINK", it has been decided that the popular idol servant "Elisabeth-Bertry" will be figured out in the DLC swimsuit costume "Nagisa no Fresh Blood Majo".


White swimsuit with a slender and cute body!


Characteristic horns and tails are carefully shaped, and of course the expression is full of idol faces!


The dragon girl's double teeth are also perfectly reproduced, making it a smile that suits the peace sign.


Eri-chan, a fresh-blooded witch who appears on Nagisa, wants you to enjoy the charms at hand.


Products will be shipped from November to December 2020.

Reservation acceptance is until March 10, 2020, so make a reservation early.

[Product Information]

 Fate / EXTELLA LINK Elisabeth-Batorley Nagisa no Fresh Blood Devil
Order period: January 24 to March 10, 2020
Price: 15,980 yen (tax included)
Release: November to December 2020 Scheduled to be shipped
and specifications: Pre-colored PVC model 1: 7 scale, height approx. 25cm (approx.
22.5cm to the top) -Prototype production: Avila (plastic model)-Colored
sample production: Ayumi
Ikkaichi - Production: AMAKUNI
-Publisher: Hobby Japan

* The image is a sample. It may be slightly different from the actual product.

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