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"Kotobuki squadron of the wilderness full version" added a new episode to the omnibus


Theatrical version of Kotobuki Squadron of the Wilds, a complete version of Kotobuki Squadron of the Wilds, will be released in the fall of 2020.

A compilation of the 12 episodes of the TV series, plus new episodes.

Powerful 7.1ch surround sound with great power! The simultaneous screening of MX4D is also decided.

 TV animation "Kotobuki squadron of the wilderness"
director and sound director Tsutomu Mizushima, series composition Michiko Yokote, main character draft is left, character design Sho Sugai, military supervision Shigeyuki Ninomiya, drawing The director is May Female Works, the total drawing director is Nakamura Noriko, the drawing director is Ueno Shota, and the animation production is GEMBA.

In a deserted earth that spreads across the surface, people lived in logistics and trade, helping each other. The hired bouncer "Kotobuki Squadron" is a great fight against the air pirates, along with unique members such as a strict but beautiful female president, unreliable commanders on the job site, and chief of the maintenance team with craftsmanship! Today, the “Kotobuki Squadron” resonates with Hayabusa's engine sound and soars into the sky.

Sayumi Suzushiro plays Kirie, Eri Yukimura plays Emma, ​​Akika Nakatani plays Kate, Masami Seto plays Leona , Hibiki Yamamura plays Zara , Miyu Tomita plays Chika , and Akiko Yajima plays Madam Rururu. , Suneiatsu Keiji Fujiwara , Natuo Rumi Okubo , Johnny Yoji Ueda, Ririco Nao Higashiyama , Anna Misaki Yoshioka, Maria Misaki Yoshioka, Adi Shimabukuro Miyuri, Aoi Koga plays Betty, and Natsumi Kawaida plays Cindy.

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