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TV anime "Prandala"


The episode and scene cut of Episode 5 have arrived from the airing TV anime "Prandala".

"Prandala" is a TV anime based on the same manga serialized in the monthly Shonen Ace ( KADOKAWA) by Sora Minazuki, the original creator of "Sora no Otoshimono" . Director Hiroyuki Kobe serves, and GEEKTOYS takes charge of animation production.

⇒ "Prandala" will start broadcasting TV anime from January 2020! The role of Richto is Yoshiki Nakajima and the role of Haruna is Rina Motoizumi! PV is also released!


Synopsis of Episode 5

Lieutenant Jail Murdoch, who cracks down on "illegal possessors," confronts Richto-Bach, who has been wanted as a felony. Jail, which has more than twice the count of Lichtaud, manipulates the ability to create iron and seizes Lichtau. He then asks Lichtau the question he had in the battle, and tries to find out who he is, but Lichtout does not agree and continues to shrug off the answer.

Scene cut


[Work information]
 TV animation "Prandara"

<Broadcast information>
TOKYO MX …… Every Wednesday 25: 5 ~
TV Aichi …… Every Wednesday 26: 35 ~
KBS Kyoto …… Every Wednesday 25: 5 ~
Sun TV …… Every Wednesday 25: 30 ~
BS11… … Every Thursday from 23:00
AT-X …… Every Friday from 23:00 ...
※ Repeat broadcast: Every Monday from 15: 00 / Every Thursday from 7:00
※ Broadcast start date, broadcast time may be changed.

<Delivery information>
D every Wednesday 23 am to at anime store

work: Suu Minazuki (Monthly Shonen Ace series)
Director: Kobe Hiroyuki
Deputy Director: Yasuhito Nishikata
series configuration: Suzuki Miyabishi
Character Design: High Yukei - Yuki Fukuchi, Hiroki Fukuda
Action / effect director: Satoshi Sakai, Masaharu Tomoda
Design Works: Yoshiaki Tsubata, Hiroshi Numata
Art Director: Kenta Tsuboi (Kusanagi)
Color Design: Hitomi Ikeda
Cinematographer: Keisuke Nozawa (Graphicnica)
Special Effects, 2D Works: Noriko Masuko
Editing: Masato Yoshitake (Graphica)
Sound Director: Ebisuna Yasuri
Sound Effect: Hiromune Kurahashi
Sound Production: HALF H ・ P STUDIO
Music: Junichi Matsumoto
Music Production: Nippon Columbia
Animation Production: GEEKTOYS
Production: Purandara Production Committee

Rihito = Bach: Nakajima Yoshiki
Hina: Hon'izumi Rina
Ryin = Mei: Ari Ozawa
Pele: Ichikawa Ao
Jail = Murdoch: Yuichiro Umehara
Nana: Shizuka Ito
Sonohara Mizuhana: Yuki AKI

The world after the war, called Alcia, was called the "War of Disposal." It was a world of weak meat erosion, where the strong took the "numbers" of their existence from the weak. In such a world, they meet. While hiding his identity with a mask, he loves naughty things, he travels in search of the `` legendary shot down king '' relying on his mother's will and a young man who hits a sword for weak people A dedicated girl, Hina. In the wake of the encounter between the two, the mystery of the world where "numbers" dominate everything is gradually revealed.

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