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Fairy gone (Japanese anime)


A new original animation directed by Kenichi Suzuki of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" and "Working Cell". The series composition and screenplay is "Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash" and "Maria of Roses" (Original) Cross Blue, Character draft and fairy draft is Ultra Jump, "Levius / est (Rebius Est)" The character design was Takako Shimizu of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", and the music produced was all the music in the works such as the theme song, insertion song, BGM in the play of "Grimgar of Ash and Fantasy" (K) NoW_NAME (Knowame) . PAWORKS is responsible for the animation production, "SHIROBAKO" and "Let's hold promised flowers in the morning of goodbye."

Start time:Spring 2019On-air date:April 7, 2019-June 23, 2019
Production company:P.A. WorksGenre:Fantasy / Drama

Voice actor: Ichinose Ka那 , Tomoaki Maeno , Ayaka Fukuhara , Yoshimasa Hosoya , Ayaka Suwa , Nakajima Yoshiki , Mie Sonozaki , Takehito Koyasu , Yoshitada Otsuka , Eizo Tsuda , Atsumi Tanezaki , Koji Okino , Mikako Komatsu , Yasuhiro Mamiya , Kenjiro Tsuda , Mujinto , Shinji Kawada , Minako Kotobuki , Yuka Iguchi , Kazuyuki Okitsu , Hiroo Egawa , Shizuka Ito , Takaya Haji , Hiroki Higashichi , Kenji Nomura

staff: Director: Kenichi Suzuki, Series composition / Screenplay: Cross blue, C … View all

Once a fairy was a "weapon." In this world, there was a fairy that possessed a mysterious power by possessing animals. By removing the animal's organs possessed by the fairy and transplanting it to humans, the fairy can appear as a ghost and be treated as a weapon. Soldiers who freely use fairies as tools of war, they were called "fairy soldiers". When the long war ends, they end their role and lose their place. Some are government, some are mafia, some are terrorists. Choose each way to live. Nine years have passed since the war. The main character, Maria, is a girl who has just been assigned to the illegal fairy control agency "Drotea", which investigates and suppresses fairy-related incidents. Despite the uncertain political situation, criminals with the wounds and past of the war appear, causing terrorism for revenge. This is the story of "fairy soldiers" who fight after disorderly wars and fight for justice.



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