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Megami, Dengeki G's March issue


The March 2020 issue of the anime magazines Megami Magazine and Dengeki G's magazine has been released.

The cover and opening feature of Megami Magazine is “Strike the Blood Special OVA: The Lost Holy Spear”. Big posters for "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] III.spring song" and "Girls & Panzer Final Chapter" are available. "A very naughty bag binding" is also posted.

The cover of Dengeki G's magazine is "Love Live! Sunshine !!" by Mari Ohara. As a supplement, Mari Ohara's B2 poster, Shizuki, and mini clear file are prepared.

Amazon.co.jp “Megami MAGAZINE March 2020”
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Amazon.co.jp “Mega Magazine 2020 March” (* Kindle version)
Amazon.co.jp "[Electronic version] Dengeki G's magazine March 2020" (* Kindle version)

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Amazon.co.jp `` VOICE BRODY vol.7 ''
Amazon.co.jp `` VOICE Channel VOL.10 "
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