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“Tweet birds do not flutter” 2nd announcement with theme song depicting a sad relationship


The 2nd announcement of "The singing birds do not flap the clouds gathering" will be released on February 15.

The painful relationship between Yashiro and Hyakumeki is depicted, and you can listen to the theme song “Moratorium” sung by Omoinotake.

The director is Kaori Makita, the script is Koji Sekoku, the music is H ZETTRIO, and the animation production is GRIZZLY.

Shinseikai Wakazu, Yashiro, who has an abusive hobby and an attractive side. Hundred demon who came to him. They are gradually attracted to each other. Yashiro lives with self-contradiction and Himegoki follows obediently. The destination of the two who are tossed by fate and compensate for the "missing"-.

Mr. Aragaki Tarsuke plays Yashiro and Mr. Hatano plays Hyakumeki .

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