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“Sayonara Tirano”


Tatsuya Miyanishi's blockbuster picture book series “Over the Same Time” with over 2 million copies will be released in the early summer of 2020. It was decided.

"Good-bye, Tyranno" is a Tyrannosaurus "Tyranno" who is the strongest on the earth but fears darkness, a "Phnom" pteranodon girl who can not fly, and a triceratops child "Tops" who has been separated from his parents travels in search of "heaven" Adventure story to do.

This time, the movie is decided to be released to the theater, directed by Mr. Kobun Shizuno, who is known for the movie "Detective Conan" series, and animation studio Tezuka Productions, Japan's proud animation studio, is in charge of animation production. In addition, Ryuichi Sakamoto is in charge of the music and is produced with a powerful tag.

The cast was also announced at the same time. Shinichiro Miki plays Tyrannosaurus's "Tyranno", Naori Ishihara plays Pteranodon's girl "Phnom", and Aoi Yuki plays a triceratops child "Tops". In addition, Katsuyuki Konishi, Kikuko Inoue, Tomoyuki Morikawa, Noriyuki Hiyama, and Noboru Ishizuka were selected as casts, and gorgeous voice actors from veterans to young people were on the roll.

[Movie information]
 "Goodbye, Tirano"

Release: Early Summer 2020

Shinichiro Miki, Naori Ishihara, Aoi Yuki, Katsuyuki Konishi, Kikuko Inoue, Tomoyuki Morikawa, Noriyuki Hiyama, Tatsuya Miyanishi, Noboru Ishizuka

Original work: Tatsuya Miyanishi Tyrannosaurus Series (Poplar Publishing)
Director: Kobun Shizuno
Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto
Animation Director: Marisuke Eguchi 
Screenplay: Dai Sato, Kimiko Ueno, Naohiro Fukushima
Animation Production: Tezuka Production
Production: MediaCastle Corp.
Distribution: Toei Video

< Story>
Ancient times, the age of dinosaurs. As the ice age approached, everything was devastated. There is a pteranodon girl, Phnom, who is being chased by a group of violent Golgosaurus. Appearing in front of Phnom and the Golgosaurus, who were about to be caught as "no more", was a huge, very strong Tyrannosaurus.
As expected, the Gorgosaurus and others were also impressed by Tyranno and gave up on Phnom and escaped. It was time for Tyranno to eat Phnom ... but Tyranan was blind to Phnom, and began to eat the red fruit on the tree.
"Uncle, I'm Phnom. What's your name and why don't you eat me?" "Why do you eat red fruit when your uncle is carnivorous?" After Thompson talks shortly after a break, the moment Tirano tries to follow his path, Phnom offers an offer.
"Uncle, I'm looking for a place called" heaven ". It's the only paradise on earth where you can eat countless red fruits. Why don't you go with me?"
Tyranno decides to go with a unique flightless pteranodon. On the way, they meet a triceratops child, Tops, and they continue to walk to heaven. Can you get there safely? And is heaven really a paradise?

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