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"Chihayafuru 3" 17 heads. Harada challenges suo masters with the celebrity game kicking off


The scene and synopsis of the TV anime "Chihayafuru 3", the 17th neck, "We are getting wet with soup" on February 4.

The master battle and the queen battle have begun. Harada, with the cooperation of the Shiranami Association, challenges Suo masters with thorough preparation. The Queen Battle is a battle between Shinobu and Inokuma, a new and old queen confrontation. Suo, who declared that he would retire after five consecutive victories, showed a generous figure as usual, and Shinobu challenged to wear a heavy kimono prepared by his grandmother.

 What is TV animation "Chihayafuru 3" The
original is a comic of the same name by Yuki Suetsugu. The director is Morio Asaka, the series composition is Yuko Kakihara, the character design is Kunihiko Hamada, the music is Kosuke Yamashita, and the animation production is Madhouse.

I don't want to give up my dream of becoming a queen and my dream of the future! I will spend my whole life at this moment. Chihaya and Mizusawa High School Karuta Club participated in the national tournament with new members in the summer of their second year of high school. Mizusawa High School defeats Tokatsu / Fujisaki High School in team competitions, and the long-awaited first victory, B-class Taichi in individual games, and Shin wins A-class. Chihaya succeeded in surgery on his right finger, who was injured in the team game, and joined Taichi in a summer camp at Fujisaki High School. In spite of his spartan guidance from his adviser, Dr. Sakurazawa, he was aiming for the match between Queen and Queen and was working hard to practice. New, on the other hand, knew that having a team would open up the possibility of Karuta, and started working on the creation of Karuta.

Masami Seto will play Chihaya Ayase, Mamoru Miyano will play Taichi Majima , and Yoshimasa Hosoya will play New Wataya .

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