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TV anime "Laughing on the runway" 4


Synopsis and scenes of the TV anime "Laughing on the runway" 4 focused on "Young talents" broadcasted on January 31, MBS / TBS / BS-TBS "Animationism" were released.

Until he meets Chiyuki, a childcare worker who has been giving up the dream of a designer for his family budget. I was still worried that I couldn't tell my family that I was working for Yanagita. On the other hand, Yanagida's atelier, who is busy, is assisted by top designer Son, Ayano, and aspiring designer college student, Shin Hasegawa. The nurturer who was able to show off his distant and outstanding skills ...

 What is the TV anime "Laugh on the runway"? The
same-name comic serialized by Weekly Shonen Magazine with Inotani language teacher. The director is Nobuyoshi Nagayama, the series composition is Doko Machida, the character design is Misaki Kaneko, and the animation production is Ezo'la.

Chiyuki Fujito's dream, 158cm tall, is a Paris collection model. People say, "Give up," because of the short stature that is fatal as a model, but they still can't break. At that time, I meet Ikuto Miyako, who is trying to give up the dream of a fashion designer to feed his family. -This is a story of two people who keep on running after their dreams.

Fujito Sen'yuki auditors Yumiri Hanamori 's, the Miyakomura Ikuhito role Natsuki Hanae -san, the heart auditors Hasegawa Ai Kayano 's, the Ayano far Auditors Ryohei Kimura, the Miyakomura faint role Yui Ishikawa, Miyakomura Aoi Auditors the sound Yamamura -san, Mr. Hikaru the Miyakomura ichi flower Akao, Yanagida play a role Junichi Suwabe plays.

The original comic has been released up to the 14th volume.

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